Ray Stedman - December 18, 1982

Before it's Too Late

Scripture References: Ecclesiastes 12:1-14

From Series: "Things that Don't Work: Ecclesiastes"

Now available in a small paperback form, this study cuts right to the heart of the lessons Solomon learned about life from vast experience: true happiness in life is a gift from God and is imparted by the Lord only to those who learn to please Him. A popular subtitle for this series is "The Things that Don't Work." Ray says, "The book is not merely a collection of ancient philosophy, for what it talks about is very much up-to-date and extremely relevant. Here is what you will hear propounded in soap operas, in political speeches, in the radical or conservative movements of our day. Here is what you will hear in the halls of academia, or on the streets of any city. In this book the philosophies by which people attempt to live life are brought into consideration and examined. That is why Ecclesiastes is so practical and up-to-date."

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