Zozu Project

Serving the children of Arua, Uganda

Zozu Project is where Africa’s children thrive. We break the cycle of extreme poverty by partnering with local African leaders in rural Arua, Uganda, to provide hope, education, and economic opportunity. Our heart is for the children, as they are Uganda’s future. When children and their parents have hope for a future and access to education, clean water, and healthcare, the cycle of poverty is truly broken!

100% of your donation will go directly to educating and providing clean water and healthcare to the most vulnerable children in Arua, Uganda.

With your gift, you give children who could not attend school the opportunity to have an education, access to clean water for them and their families, and free healthcare for them and their families provided by the medical clinic on campus. By partnering and employing the local African leaders of Arua, we here at Zozu are helping the local economy, creating sustainable change and hope for a community once overlooked. You are changing lives for an entire generation and generations to come.

Katy Griffin Executive Director