Resident Program

A 1-2 year residential ministry program combining in-depth experience in one area of ministry, biblical and theological classes, guided spiritual formation, mentorship, and broad exposure to a variety of church ministry.

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How much will I be working?

You will be expected to work a full-time (~40 hours per week) schedule.

How does housing work?

Housing for a single resident is provided if necessary as part of the program. You will be living with a family from the church in their home. Meals and transportation are your responsibility.

What is the compensation?

You will earn a $2500 per month stipend. All your ministry hours will be reported on a timecard, but your stipend will be the same every month. 

Are benefits included?

Yes, health benefits are included in the compensation.

What are the classes like?

You will be taking classes in conjunction with other residents and people from the church. The classes are two hours in length each week. They focus on biblical and theological topics with around 1 hour per week of homework.

What else is involved in the Leadership Institute?

In addition to the classes, the Leadership Institute includes being assigned a mentor with whom you will meet monthly, a spiritual formation curriculum designed to help you find and live out your calling within a small group cohort, and several short retreats scattered throughout the year. More information at