Marc and Suzanne Jacobson

Missionary Support Services (Wycliffe), Philippines

Marc and Suzanne’s ministry is focused on the Inabaknon Heritage Society (IHS), a non-profit created so that their 41 years among the Abaknon People may become locally self-sustaining. The IHS pursues discipleship in four main areas: 1) A dorm for high school boys; tutoring with Bible studies for teens on Capul Island at the IHS Center, 2) An intentional Christian community in Manila for Abaknon college scholars, 3) Continuing translation of Old Testament books and the preparation of Bible studies, and 4) A NEW international student exchange program soon to bring college and high school students to live with Marc and Suzanne in North Carolina. Jesus has now fully staffed the IHS Center and filled our dorm and scholar house with youth seeking him! May the same be true in Crewe Hall, Waxhaw, NC.

The IHS Board of Trustees and staff is very grateful for the financial assistance through MSS for scholarships and work stipends. On the island the dorm provides a way for boys to stay in high school whose poverty would otherwise stop their education. In Manila, the Agata Scholars House allows Abaknon youth to continue their studies who could not otherwise attend college. Yet sometimes we find a student capable of achieving much more, with exceptional commitment to serve God and the Abaknon people. Could you sponsor one of these for study in the U.S.?

Jose Berganting completes his senior year at Integrated School of Science this March. He is an honor student, given the ISS Award for Integrity. When not finding joy in a calculus problem, youíll find him sharing his love for Jesus with a friend. We would like to see him pursue science or math at Central Piedmont Community College.

John Fritz Gerasol will be 17 when he finishes 9th grade in March. He loves English and math, plays guitar for worship and asks tough questions from his Bible reading. Heís served the IHS this past year as senior caretaker. We would like to see him complete his high school at St. Anne Catholic School, before college in Charlotte.