Ray Stedman - January 30, 1965

What every Husband should Know

Scripture References: 1 Peter 3:7

From Series: "The Christian and Moral Conditions"

Central issues of the family, insights into sex in marriage, the differences between the sexes, single life as a Christian, and common issues faced by young people. Ray says, "This message begins a series on the general theme 'The Christian and Moral Conditions' in which we shall take a square and forthright look at the moral conditions of our day, the powerful forces behind them, and what the Bible has to say on this theme. I hope this will prove to be practical, enlightening and helpful. I shall begin with what I consider to be the heart of the whole matter: the home. Never before in all history has there been such a concerted, world-wide, all-out assault upon the home. As an amateur student of history, I know there have been many times in the past where conditions as we see them today have combined to destroy the home life of a nation, but never before on such a world-wide compass has this taken place. The family is the oldest institution known to man. It is coexistent with the human race, and predates by considerable time the other great institutions of humanity---human government, the school, and the church."

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