Paul Taylor - October 27, 2019

Truth Tellers

In the fourth of Jesus's comments on how living in the kingdom of the heavens fulfills the Old Testament Law, he addresses the simple matter of truth. He challenges the practices of the first century that people used to hide from the truth. And he gives a simple instruction to live as truth tellers. As we hear his words, we'll consider the ways we try to hide the truth. And we'll be invited to live in the freedom of telling the truth.

Scripture References: Matthew 5:33-37

From Series: "Sermon on the Mount"

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus shares the surprising idea that it is possible for us to live our lives on earth, but actually, be living as part of the kingdom of the heavens. Jesus shows us the path to living in his kingdom through a series of shocking statements and vivid illustrations. His words help us to complete the sentence, "Blessed Are…"

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