Paul Taylor - December 18, 2011

The God Who Is Coming

This final section contains the second lengthy promise in Malachi concerning the coming Messiah. After considerable criticism in this book, a group of faithful Jews is described who respond to God's message. In light of their response, God reiterates His promise regarding a coming day. That day is described of one of judgment that becomes healing. We know this day as the two-stage coming of Christ. The surprise of the coming of this Messiah is that instead of exacting judgment, he suffered judgment. It was his willingness to suffer on behalf of others that leads to His promise of healing. We anticipate the coming of the Messiah as remembered during Advent because we deserve judgment and need healing. This book has shown us our true hearts and our need for God's messenger to save us. Even now, after the first coming of Christ, we look forward to the final day of healing when God's kingdom is established in its fullness.

Scripture References: Malachi 4:1-6, Malachi 3:16-18

From Series: "Malachi"

The book of Malachi opens with a reminder of God's love for His people. Throughout Old Testament history, God has demonstrated His love for his people and yet they have continually questioned it. Malachi is a book of warning, a book of judgment, and a book of preparation for the coming Messiah. But none of those things can take place apart from a firm foundation of God's love. We enter the Advent season needing to be reminded of God's love for us when we so consistently challenge and question it for ourselves.

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