Paul Taylor - March 18, 2012

Desire of the Cross

Jesus' cry from the cross that he is thirsty is one of the most powerful statements he could make. Throughout the gospel of John, thirst is used as a metaphor for spiritual neediness and dependence on God. The thirst that Jesus experienced on the cross reminds us of our own thirst. Instead of suppressing that thirst, as Christians have sometimes tended to do, we explore our thirst and find the surprising ways that God quenches it. Properly understood, our thirst leads us to God.

Scripture References: John 19:28

From Series: "Seven Last Words"

In this series, we will explore the seven statements Jesus made while on the cross, just before his death. These words have been a traditional reflection for Christians during the season of lent for thousands of years. In them, we see the whole message of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Through the ideas of forgiveness, eternity, provision, despair, thirst, completion, and trust we see how Jesus' death becomes the turning point for all of God's plan of redemption. The mysteries expressed in Jesus' words are too deep to fully understand, but by reflecting on them, we can enter more fully into the central point of our faith: the death of Jesus the God-man on the cross.

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