Paul Taylor - June 12, 2011

Walking in Christ to the World

Walking in the Mystery

Having addressed relationships within the church community and household, Paul now addresses relationships with outsiders. He begins by encouraging prayer, first general petition, then specifically prayer for Paul's missionary activity. He then moves into the Colossians attitude of wisdom and responsiveness toward outsiders. While Paul is charged with proclaiming the word of the mystery of Christ, the Colossians are encouraged to be prepared to speak wisely and winsomely, and be prepared to answer people's questions regarding faith or behavior.

Scripture References: Colossians 4:2-6

From Series: "Walking in the Mystery"

As we continue the series in Colossians, we see the practical application of what it means to worship the cosmic and yet personal Christ that was introduced in the first section. This section takes the mystery of who Christ is and applies it to the lives of a community of faith. Instead of pursuing some other kind of mystery, they are called to dive into the mystery of Christ and watch how it transforms every aspect of their lives. There are particular applications to community life, legalism, character, family, professional life, religious expression, and more. This is the beauty of life with Christ: we worship a cosmic Christ who is far outside the realm of our normal lives and yet that very worship completely transforms the day to day life that we live in this world.

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