Paul Taylor - June 7, 2009

Isn't Hope Just A Sham?

Weeping in Worship

In this passage, we see one of Jeremiah's enemies cause him to be thrown punished for prophesying God's message of judgment on Jerusalem. We realize that as we align ourselves with God, we will be caught in the cross-fire of the powers of this world who stand in opposition to God's purposes. The surprising conclusion of Jeremiah's story is that a non-Jew coordinates Jeremiah's rescue reminding us that it isn't always obvious who is aligned with God's purposes in the world.

Scripture References: Jeremiah 32:1-15

From Series: "Weeping in Worship"

The book of Jeremiah gives us a raw and rich portrait of the life of Jeremiah. It provides us with a rare example of the interior life of a prophet. As we study it, we will be encouraged to experience honestly the circumstances that we are facing by Jeremiah's stark honesty. We will be given hope as we see the stark picture of a painful reality into which God promises redemption. But most of all, we will see how God works through failure and be encouraged that God will work in the midst of the failure of this world and through our personal failures.

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