Paul Taylor - March 9, 2008

A Rest Relished

What exactly did God mean by observing the Sabbath? The Bible is pretty sparse in terms of details on what it means not to work. However, the few specific examples make it clear that honoring the Sabbath declares something about God and is a matter of the heart. Honoring the Sabbath means not doing any work to sustain your own life—and that is defined differently according to your cultural context. Honoring Sabbath also means remembering who God is. So practicing Sabbath is simple: don’t do work; remember God.

Scripture References: Exodus 16:23-29, Psalms 46:1-11, Nehemiah 13:15-22, Numbers 15:32-36, Exodus 35:3

From Series: "Sabbath: Remember to Rest. Rest to Remember."

We all want rest. Whether we are exhausted from work, school, family, or personal problems, rest seems elusive. We shouldn’t be surprised that rest is one of the major themes of the entire Bible. It is woven throughout the Scriptures from the first chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of Revelation. In this four-part series, we will take a look at the biblical idea of Sabbath to understand what it means to rest in God. We’ll find out why we are to rest, what resting really looks like, and how to hope for the rest that God promises. We’ll conclude our series on Easter Sunday by celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and seeing how that event finally gives us the rest that we’ve always yearned for. Come and rest with us.

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